Members of the Emory Community will be able to:

  • Identify campus and community sexual health resources
  • Identify and describe safer sex practices
  • Increase protective behaviors with sexual health practices
  • Confidently communicate with partners
  • Advocate for policy and laws related to sexual health


Do you want to become an expert in having better, safer sexual experiences? The Sexpert course is having both in-person and virtual offerings for you to become the safer sex expert! Make any of the workshops listed in the schedule or complete their associated modules online. Mix and match by completing some in person or some online! You choose how you want to learn. Our virtual Sexpert mini-course & in-person workshop are open to ALL Emory students! The final session is required for all participants. Email OHP@emory.edu if you're interested in becoming a Sexpert or have any questions.

Sexual Health


Sexpert is a weekend mini-course aimed at improving sexual experience, reducing unintended pregnancy, and preventing STIs. Sexpert is open to students with all levels of sexual health knowledge. Email laura.christine.calvert@emory.edu


During the Train-the-Trainer program, participants learn how to facilitate the Sexpert curriculum. Sexpert Facilitators can lead future sexual health information sessions and mini-courses. This training is offered once in the Spring semester of each academic year, and you must have already completed the Sexpert mini-course to participate. For more information email laura.christine.calvert@emory.edu

Health 100

If you are a first-year student enrolled in Health 100, make sure to check out the online module about Sexual Health.


OHP can offer custom programming about sexual health. We work closely with RAs, SAs, Greek-letter organizations, and clubs wanting to talk about sex. To set up your program, email laura.christine.calvert@emory.edu

How to make an appointment

OHP and Emory Student Health Services (SHS) facilitate an on-site PrEP Clinic for Emory students. PrEP is a system consisting of a once-a-day pill and education that can greatly reduce the risk of acquiring HIV. Following CDC guidelines, patients on PrEP meet with a health educator, as well as their healthcare provider every three months.

If you think PrEP might be a good option for you, email Laura Calvert (laura.christine.calvert@emory.edu) to make your initial appointment!

With the help of the Dekalb County Board of Health, OHP is delighted to bring you free safer sex supplies and free pregnancy tests. Submit a request through The Hub or come by our office in AMUC Suite 237. Safer sex supplies can also be found around campus in the libraries, Cox Hall, Student Health, Residence Halls, and more. 


Partnering with DeKalb County Board of Health, OHP provides free, rapid (results in 1 minute), confidential HIV testing multiple times per semester. Testing is open to all Emory students, staff, faculty, and guests.


HIV Testing

Sexual Health

Free & Low-Cost Testing Sites in the Atlanta area. 

Contact OHP for more information


Chart of STI Testing Sites

Talking to a Partner About Safer Sex

How to Disclose STI Status to a Partner

Let's Talk About Consent

Sexual Health


Laura Calvert, Sexual Health Educator, laura.christine.calvert@emory.edu

Ari Villanueva, Sexual Health Graduate Assistant, aivilla@emory.edu